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The Adaptation Monitoring and Assessment Tool (AMAT) is being introduced to measure progress toward achieving LDCF project outputs 1.1 and 2.1.

The main purpose of the tool is to critically assess climate change vulnerabilities and to design effective responses for adaptation. Island profiling of marine resource and social economic surveys will form part of the tool to understand how the patterns change over time. AMAT will serve as a tool to collate and disseminate climate risk information nationally.

In addition, it will focus upon generating information related to three sectors:

  • conservation of coastal zone fisheries
  • sustainable land management
  • human health/nutrition

Furthermore, it will become a streamlined mechanism for monitoring indicators related to

  • agriculture
  • marine
  • health
  • tourism
  • water
  • atmosphere
  • biodiversity
  • culture and heritage

The system will be feed through several mechanisms including information from government agencies and institutions. Data and information collected shall be protected to respect the rights of the owners and properly acknowledge if used in published reports.   Information and reports generated from the system will be part of the fundamental support to the state of environmental report and also crucial to inform decision-making.