AMAT Partial Development Retreat

Another exciting AMAT retreat was conducted from the 11th – 13th December 2020 at Mary’s motel in Bairiki, Tarawa. The retreat focus entirely on the AMAT partial development work which was facilitated by LDCF AMAT coordinating team led by ECD. The program starts off with brief presentations and introduction of AMAT indicators already provided by each sector from the last retreat held in Abaokoro, North Tarawa. This was followed by a demonstration of the AMAT web page to guide further work on how to improve the current design and structure of this tool before officially operated to improve data and information sharing at the national level. The AMAT partial development is of very crucial as it is one of the important works that will contribute in formulating the AMAT web page which is another significant requirement of the LDCF project. The expected outcome of this retreat is the successful formulation of AMAT web interface and its contents. This retreat was financially supported by GEF through LDCF project of MELAD-ECD

AMAT Retreat

AMAT Retreat at Abaokoro Oceanview

On the 6th of December 2020 the AMAT Team had returned from a 2 days Retreat that was held in North Tarawa at Abakoro. The retreat was conducted on the 4th -5th December, 2020. This retreat was consist of 21 Government officials from different sectors or implementing partners under the LDCF (Least Development Countries Fund) project. The main purpose and objective for this workshop/retreat is to engage each different sectors in the discussion for the AMAT Tool Development and also to revisit, validating and updating the AMAT identified Indicators from each sectors. Moreover, this could be also a great opportunity to collect and compile all the information and reports from each sectors for the development of AMAT Tool. This retreat was fully funded by LDCF project.

The workshop was kicked off with welcome remarks from the ECD OIC, who represent the Environment and Conservation Division Management. He gave welcome remarks on behalf of the ECD Management and the Organizing Team. He also highlighting the expected outcome of the LDCF AMAT retreat and its importance and contribution to the government Sector’s program and services to those three targeted or pilot islands (Abemama, Maiana, Nonouti) especially for the people of Kiribati as a whole. After welcoming remarks delivered, followed the first presentation from the organizing team and so each sectors. With great effort, this team had managed to establish the technical working group for the AMAT Tool. From here the organizing or the development team could move to the next step. There is an expectation that the AMAT Development will be on-going, with great commitment the team will never cease until the AMAT successfully formulated.