Atmosphere and Climate

Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Helps reduce climate change impacts
    and fossil fuel dependency
  • Climate change decreases
    freshwater availability, and also
    leads to crop failure and vector-borne diseases
  • Reduce the use of ozone-depleting
  • Ozone layer protects from sun’s harmful
    UV rays


Culture and Heritage

Preserve Traditional Diet

  • Enjoy local, diverse foods and maintain
    agricultural biodiversity

Provide Ecotourism Opportunities

  • Maintains traditional environmental
    conditions while contributing to local and
    national economies



Maintain Forests and Trees

  • Provides a habitat and oxygen
  • Trees and forests contribute to healthy
    watersheds, recreational activities, and

Protect Agriculture

  • Clean, fertile soil is important for crops
  • Variety of crops helps with a diverse diet,
    proper nutrition, and agricultural diversity




Maintain Clean Water Supply

  • Enhances plant and animal life
  • Provides clean water for drinking,
    swimming, and bathing
  • Prevents waterborne diseases

Prevent Water Pollution

  • Reduces human activities that harm fresh
    water (e.g. unproperly disposed of plastic
    debris, increased water nutrients)
  • Leads to higher oxygen levels, as well as
    healthy aquatic ecosystems and fisheries


Build Environment

Ensure Good Sanitation and Proper Waste Management

  • Reduces pests, invasive species, and air
    and water contamination
  • Provides clean surrounding environment
    for human health
  • Good urban planning and EIAs lead to more
    livable communities and a healthier environment



Conserve Native Species

  • Reduces impact of invasive species
  • Protects areas to benefit human, animal,
    and plant life
  • Varied animal and plant life is critical for
    an ecosystem to function



Keep Oceans Clean

  • Prevents harmful pollutants from entering food supply that is taken from the ocean (i.e. fish and plants)
  • Clean seawater keeps water activities healthy for recreation and tourism

Protect Coral Reefs

  • Healthy coral reefs shelter the coastline from waves and tropical storms, provide a habitat to coastal fisheries, and build beaches