Agriculture provide and maintain food crop and livestock production on Kiribati island. Agriculture is challenged and limited in Kiribati, where land does exist, the soil is very poor. A few perennial crops do exist at each island consist of pandanus, breadfruit, banana, etc. Livestock management consist of piggery and poultry at each island. A good agricultural practice could lead to an increase stable food crop & livestock production for each household and communities in the face of climate of climate change. The AMAT key set indicator will show the increase or decline of stable food crop at each household/community. It also determines how many farmers gained knowledge on agricultural practice and trees banded for rodent control in each island.



  • % of households and communities that have stable or increased food security in the face of climate change.
  • Number of food crops on the island
  • Number of food crop distributed to each Household/Communities
  • Number of livestock distributed
  • Number of farmers trained by extension staff
  • Number of trees banded for rodent.