Tourism is increasingly viewed as an important tool in promoting economic growth, alleviating poverty, and advancing food security in the pacific islands. Tourism in Kiribati is considered one of the major opportunities for economic development. As part of LDCF project activities implementation on the three piloted islands, there are number of activities carried out on each island which includes training of local communities on how to prepare local food cuisines that will help promote traditional foods as part of tourism development activities and etc.



  • Number of accommodation providers
  • Number of commercial cookery and hospitality
  • Number of products and services
  • Number of baking and pastry
  • Number of boat safety trainings
  • Number of tour guides
  • Number of fishing guides
  • Number of customer service and front office
  • Number of first-aid training
  • Number and types of ecotourism products
  • Number of ecotourism activities